Car Lift

The single post screw jack MInilift 2K  is a perfect complement of equipment for small mechanic workshops, bodyshops, paintshops as well as for developed authorized car services. This jack does not require a fixed place and may be used in any place, creating thereby additional workspace. The mobility of the jack provides for its use even outdoors. Minilift 2K jack is very easy to operate and safe in use. With the use of number of adapters, Minilift 2K allows for the following services: lifting vehicles by wheels, thresholds’ channels and thresholds. It may be used as a crane for engines’ removal. The only limitation on the use of our lift is a user’s imagination.

Technical details:

  • Maximum lift capacity - 2500 kg,
  • Lifting height - 1 m,
  • Lifting rate - 35 sec,
  • Mass - 72 kg,
  • Power supply - 230V.
Wheel bracket
Perfect for body and paint works. With this device, the whole side of a body is available for repair works. Such places like thresholds, lower parts of doors, wheel arches are visible at a glance. Repair and processing is like a child’s play. It is a perfect position for finishing works. The bracket is an element of standard jack’s equipment , included in the basic price.
Threshold bracket
With its use, we can lift a car holding it at the level of a side mirror. Using threshold bracket we can perform any repairs at wheel, brakes, wheel arch and the other surface of the side body of a car. With this universal bracket, we are able to lift cars equipped with a threshold channel, like Mercedes as BMW.
Engine crane
Within one minute, Minilift 2K may be remodelled to a crane for engine removal. We fix the bearing part of a crane on the bearing bracket in the jack. Then we mount the extension of the base’s legs and the engine crane is ready to work. Important note! Entire assembly is very easy and possible to construct without any tools.
McPerson'a adapter
This adapter is the absolute novelty! Applying/with the use of the operation principle of Minilift, you have complete, electro-mechanic spring compressor. It consists of two parts. The upper part is fixed on the Minilift profile, the lower part on the bearing bracket. Macpherson Adapter exerts a huge compressing force on springs in the shock absorber, by which the replacement is a child’s play and operation of the entire adapter very easy and intuitive. Important! Entire installation work is very easy and processed without any tools!
Gearbox bracket
Gearbox bracket is applied on the Minilift bearing lift and we get an operational gearbox jack.
Sliding overlays for front wheels
These overlays are put on the front wheels of a jack, to have the possibility to move and slide during work at channel grid or grids in spray booths.
The securing stand
To secure a lifted vehicle. Minimal height 560mm, maximal height 960mm. Lifting capacity 2500 kg. The securing stand must be placed only in places defined for a specific car by a manufacturer.