Industry Lift

Since 2 years  Concept Lift GmbH has also become a manufacturer of industrial lifts.

In many manufacturing processes, multifunction trolleys are used where components for assembly of final products are laid. Components lay on the shelves of such trolley.   Such one trolley weights up to 200-300 kg. 

A production worker, during a work must tens or hundreds of times slope to take a component out from the lower shelves of a trolley, until he reaches the higher ones.  It costs a lot of effort and time.

Especially for our Client’s demands, we produce Minilift jacks tailored to various types of trolleys or platforms to be lifted. Minilift brackets are individual and while common cooperation with the client they are tailored to fit trolley’s or platform’s chassis.

Then the operator, as far as shelves are emptied, without any problem and effort lift up or lower a trolley so he performs the installation at one position.  There is no difference whether he works at sitting or standing position.

The advantage of Minilift  is 230V drive, it’s very easy operation and installation on the production hall. There is also plenty of space at the workplace.

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