DUFAŁ  -  Profesjonalne Usuwanie Wgnieceń bez Lakierowania

We would like to express our satisfaction with the purchase and use of Minilift 2K jack. Since we have the jack, and it has been about two years, it did not cause any problems but on the contrary, it eases the work of removing dents without painting. With the device not in every case we are forced to disassemble the body elements, since its use facilitates access to places hard to reach. Moreover, we are satisfied with the company’s support and grateful for immediate response, advice and nice service. We highly recommend this company!

The owner of DUFAŁ business entity – removal of dents without painting

Daniel  Rzyczniok


Hello everybody, since several days I have been the user of a super, single post jack MULTILIFT 2k.

This is a jack, which does not take up much space, it is shapely, small and the great advantage is also that it may be used outdoors. It is very useful at replacement of exhaust systems of passenger cars and vans.

I also would like to recommend a CONSEPT LIFT service support. The jack was delivered in a very short time since placing the order. Its operation was presented on site in a very professional manner.

I strongly recommend

EM-ROM Zakład Handlowo-Usługowy
Roman Tyszko


MiniLIFT-2K meets  our needs due to many features:

 - thanks to small size it takes up little space which is very valuable in the garage,
 - mobility allows for fast moving between workplaces, namely body shop and paint shop
 - thanks to ability to lift by wheel  it is appropriate to threshold repairs, assembly and disassembly of elements or polishing of elements both on a roof as well as on lower surfaces of car’s  body
 - comfort and simplicity of operation are also advantages.

To sum up, with the jack the entire repair process has been considerably reduced. I sincerely recommend it to other garages, especially paint shops.

Grzegorz Wołowski – Service Staff


I am 30 years in the industry and I did not expect that anything will surprise me again but this clever, small device surprised me with its versatility and simplicity of operation and maintenance. We bought the Minilift-2K with four accessories and we have four devices in one, it is a big saving. It is sensational in sheet metal works -the entire threshold is free, thanks to the wheel bracket. I recommend this jack in 100%!!! I liked the flexibility of the Concept Lift sales representative, making our transaction and delivery of the  lift running quickly and smoothly.

Eng. Edward Markowicz – Co-owner


The jack which was offered to our garage fully met all our expectations. Let me remind that we bought a basic set + McPerson's adapter.
We exploit it practically without interruption. Its simplicity and functionality (wheel bracket) allows performing sheet metal works of the lower part of the body in a very comfortable environment. I highly recommend this device to all body shops and more.
Good luck Mr. Mirek and I hope to see you at the next presentation of any interesting device.

Paweł Hnat
Acting Chief
Body and Paint Department


Order a presentation-it's for free and Minilift will dispel your doubts. At the beginning when we saw this device only on the prospectus, we were rather sceptic, but the presentation of the jack  dispelled all our doubts. I would recommend wholeheartedly this device to all car workshops. Its functionality and mobility allows repairing cars everywhere. It works well in quick repairs; it is sensational in sheet metal works.  Polishing with  Minilift is a pleasure. We specialize in large, heavy, American cars and Ikotek, without any problem copes with such giants as Ford Explorer or Chrysler 3000

Łukasz Modliński


I would like to share an opinion on Minilift 2k jack , which is "great" . Watching the device in the catalogue it is easy to underestimate or do not notice this offer among many others, because it is not presented in any specific way, just a tiny extra lift – a toy. The situation changes when we allow the jack to work in its natural environment - mechanical workshop and body shop. Then it turns out that every day we discover new applications of this jack, comfort of work and convenience are simply unbelievable. The possibility of repairing a threshold of the car without having to work in uncomfortable positions thanks to lift by a wheel bracket, or repairing a roof, which can be made from a comfortable position, is worth mentioning. Such examples may be multiplied and you need to add that the jack can be expanded and then there are even more possibilities, from the normal trestles to a professional springs compressor, through an engine crane and even a press. All above mentioned advantages allow us to conclude that Minilift ,although little is really "big " .

 Artur Dygorda
Service Manager
ul 3-go Maja 27b
72-200 Nowogard


When Minilift-2k a mobile, screw jack car lift was offered for the first time in Poland by Concept Lift, I made an immediate decision to purchase it. I thought it would be a very useful device in my car service and it quickly became a necessary device at many sheet metal repairs, painting, mechanical and vulcanizing works. Since the price of the jack is currently very attractive so I decided to buy the next piece, as the work with Minilift-2k is a great pleasure.

Mgr inż. Sylwester Wójcik